Autologous mesotherapy is not that different compared to simple mesotherapy as we have described it elsewhere. The difference lies in the medium we use to inject in the skin. In autologous mesotherapy, the medium is collected from our own body!

Let’s make it more clear: The treatment commences with the doctor drawing a small amount of blood from our vein (usually in the arm, just like when one gives blood for testing) and is then placed in a special tube. The blood is then centrifuged for a certain amount of time and at a specific speed (rounds per minute). This leads to the separation of the blood’s components and the red blood cells are isolated from the rest.

We can therefore draw the plasma and platelets in a syringe and use it for mesotherapy. The product is derived from our own body and is totally safe for our health. This platelet rich plasma (PRP) when injected in our skin, it causes the release of multiple growth and activating factors from the platelets. This leads to the stimulation of our skin to produce new collagen and elastin fibers, the enrichment of the area with new cells and the rejuvenation of the skin’s architectural structure.

The result can be seen gradually, the skin looks fresh and hydrated, its texture is improved, fine wrinkles are smoothened out. The outcome of the treatment can last for many months, as long as a proper protocol is followed that entails three sessions to begin with.