I have received many requests to post pictures of operations and various treatments. I am not that much in favor of it. “But everyone else does it” people respond.

No doctor has posted pictures of patients who have not fared well! This means that we tend to deceive our costumers-to-be. But our work is much more than a photograph can show

I will post some before and after photographs in order to display the result of a certain procedure, especially when it is successful.

Before & After blepharoplasty

Before/After liposuction

Before/After abdomenoplasty

Before/After abdomenoplasty

Ενεργός ακμή πρινΕνεργός ακμή μετά

Active acne before/after laser treatment

Πριν τη βραχιονοπλαστικήΜετά τη βραχιονοπλαστική

Before/After brachioplasty

Before/After breast augmentation

Before/After breast augmentation

Before/After Gynecomastia

Naso-labial folds before and after the implementation of the hyaluronic formula