A painless, non-invasive method of reducing local fat. The cryolipolysis machine uses intense cooling to achieve permanent destruction of the adipocytes. Fat degrades at a depth of two to four months, leaving a natural result. Tissues, in addition to fatty, as opposed to other lipolysis techniques, suffer no harm. Excellent improvement occurs when the method is combined with lymphocyte decongestion and RF. The treatment lasts 45 minutes. Proposed number of therapies: 3

Radiofrequency for tightening (RF)

Body tightening with RF includes electromagnetic waves that carry energy deep into the skin, beneficial to the lymph-venous system and adipose tissue. RF body firing reduces venous-lymphatic stasis, improves toxin removal, accelerates fat metabolism and stimulates fibroblasts, resulting in impressive tightening of body and skin.


This treatment employs ultrasounds to humidify the trapped fat that is then removed through the lymphatic system. The result is bloodless liposuction and cellulite reduction. It is aimed at all those who want to reform their silhouette. Body tightening with RF frequencies when combined with Cavitation and Lymphatic Massage, offers a complete cure for maximum results, as it combines the breakdown of fat and skin tightening.

Body Mesotherapy

Injectable treatments to reduce cellulite, treat local thickness and reduce body fat.

Relaxing massage

Relaxation, rejuvenation and/or relief.

Lymphatic massage

Ideal for treating cellulite. It is performed on the lymphatic ducts and the lymph nodes of the body. Appropriate pressure at the points causes natural lymph node stimulation and facilitates the circulation of lymphatic fluid. This massage therefore oxygenates tissues, increases proper blood circulation, activates metabolism and eliminates toxins from the body.