Botulinum toxin treatment is the most effective and widespread treatment for expression facial wrinkles. It involves a series of microscopic Botulinum toxin injections in the face area performed by a certified and specially trained surgeon. This treatment has already been applied more than 50.000 times in Greece and has more than 10 million worldwide applications every year. It is the No1 treatment worldwide because it combines spectacular results, minimum application time, reversible outcome, no complications and low cost in comparison to the results.  

Is Botulinum toxin safe?

Botulinum toxin has an excellent safety profile. It is used for more than 20 years by 8 different medical specialties to treat all kinds of muscular malfunctions or diseases. The medication’s very extensive medical history with no complications is the best guarantee for its safety, even in cases where the quantity used is many times bigger than the quantity needed in facial wrinkle treatment. Of course the medication is approved by the Greek National Drug Organization (ΕΟΦ) for the treatment of face wrinkles, as it is approved by the biggest and most strict state organizations (U.S.A., Canada, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain etc.)

What is treated with Botulinum toxin?

Face wrinkles belong to two categories: The static facial wrinkles and the dynamic facial wrinkles. The static facial wrinkles are formed when the face is calm and the dynamic facial wrinkles wrinkles appear when the face forms an expression.  Over time, dynamic wrinkles turn into static wrinkles. Botox limits the involuntary muscle function that produces dynamic facial wrinkles.

If you do not already have static facial wrinkles, the immobilization of the muscles responsible for their formation will make you avoid them altogether. In case the static wrinkles are already formed, Botulinum toxin helps in their gradual filling and smoothing.   

What is the ideal age to start Botulinum toxin treatment?

While wrinkle formation is very easy, the return of the skin in its prior position requires time. When the first signs of wrinkle producing, intense involuntary muscle movement appears, Botulinum toxin treatment is recommended. Aging is not the only factor affecting wrinkle formation. It is also affected by the quality of face skin, the structure of facial muscles and external factors like air pollution, the type of work of the patient and lasting sun exposure. A preventive treatment, before wrinkle formation, is the safest way to maintain a youthful appearance for many years to come.   

Will I still have an expressive face?

Botulinum toxin treatment does not alter your features, although its results are quickly evident. Nobody will know about the treatment because the results show gradually, in the course of 2 weeks following the procedure.  In simple terms, the involuntary movement of the wrinkle muscles is limited resulting in their gradual fading.

Are there any side effects?

The effects of the medication are completely reversible, so there is no case of any permanent side effects. Small, temporary bruises caused by needle pricking usually appear right after a Botulinum toxin treatment and disappear after 10 minutes. Needle pricking can also cause a light headache that lasts no more than half an hour.

What will happen if I decide to stop my Botulinum toxin treatment?

Treatment termination simply means that after the effect of the medication fades, inactive muscles resume their mobility (by 100%) and the face returns to its pre-treatment state.

How many times can I undergo the Botulinum toxin treatment?

Clinical research has proved that Botulinum toxin treatment has no limitations. The results are always the same, without any deviation, regardless of how many times one has undergone the procedure. Actually, most of the times after 3-4 treatments, the interval between 2 applications increases because the wrinkle producing movements have been limited.

Is it painful?

Botulinum toxin is one of the less painful therapies. A very thin needle is used to inject small amounts of botox into specific areas. There is no pain, just a momentary irritation in these areas. In most cases the irritation resembles a mosquito sting. The discomfort lasts no more than 10-15 minutes.  

When should I avoid Botulinum toxin?

There are no serious contraindications to the medication, because the systemic absorption by the patient’s body is minimal. Therefore, Botulinum toxin treatment can easily coincide with other treatments. Muscular dystrophy patients are the only case where the procedure must be avoided. As a preventive measure, it is also best not to be applied during pregnancy and the postnatal period, in order to avoid the connection of any possible complications to the effects of the Botulinum toxin treatment.

How long do the effects of the Botulinum toxin treatment last?

The treatment lasts only 10 minutes and the results appear gradually, lasting for 4 to 6 months. A specially trained surgeon should determine the exact amount of medication to be used and should specify exactly the injection points, in order to achieve the best possible results. There is no need for anesthesia because the pain is barely noticeable. An anesthetic ointment can be used in order to avoid any possible discomfort.

Should I stay home for a few days after a Botulinum toxin treatment?

NO! Only a slight rash appears in the injection points after the treatment. It will disappear after 10-15 minutes so, by the time you leave the clinic, your face will be clear.  You can easily resume your everyday activities.

How much does a Botulinum toxin treatment cost?

The cost of the treatment can vary because the dosage differs with each patient. In general, men need more medication than women.  Each personalized diagnosis made by the certified surgeon will determine the cost which, in any case, is very reasonable compared to the results and the safety of the procedure.