The weight of really large breasts can be a problem for many women. It can cause back and neck pain, skin inflammation, skeletal deformation or problems in breathing. In addition, bra straps might leave marks on one’s shoulders. Generally speaking, large breasts could be a big psychological burden for a woman.

Breast reduction is designed especially for these women. The procedure removes fat, breast gland and skin tissue, making the breasts smaller, lighter and more firm. In addition, the size of the areolas (the pigmented skin surrounding the nipples) can be reduced. The aim is to give a woman smaller and better formed breasts in correct proportion to her body

The following information cannot answer all questions, so make sure you discuss all your questions with your surgeon.

Breast reduction leads to fast changes in your body. You will be liberated from any discomfort caused by large breasts, your proportions of your body will be improved, even your clothes will fit better.

But most of all you, along with most of the women who underwent breast reduction, will be very happy with the results.