Combined techniques for the face

One of the most recent trends in plastic surgery is in-office treatments and combining treatments for even better results.

It is a fact that our skin needs constant care to remain healthy, firm and youthful, both with the right skincare products and with treatments at the doctor’s office.

The new trend in treatments is a combination of them, for the following important reason: We get the benefits of each separately and avoid side effects resulting from abuse.

New treatments, sophisticated techniques, advanced technological materials are combined in the hands of the experienced plastic surgeon, in order to give an impressively natural result of renewal and antiaging to the face through the combined and personalized method.

Every person and every personality is completely unique and that is exactly why there cannot be an anti-aging protocol that suits everyone. Today, advanced aesthetic plastic surgery combines different techniques to achieve the maximum possible result with the shortest possible recovery.

In our Clinic, various combination protocols are applied for more immediate, impressive, and permanent results in the improvement of the facial image.
For example, in just one day you could get a young, radiant, and rested face by combining blepharoplasty and a “slift” or “cheek lift” in the office, immediately obtaining a more youthful and rejuvenated look on the face and neck, areas that show the signs of time.

Consult us and we will offer you the appropriate and specialized combination of techniques that will immediately and painlessly give you a renewed, radiant and flawless face!