Mesotherapy is a very “in” word, especially in the world of aesthetic medicine.  Dr. Michel Pistor from France was the first to invent and apply mesotherapy, fifty years ago. It was not in his intentions to apply the treatment for aesthetic reasons but to treat medical conditions. The first application of mesotherapy was actually to heal chronic back pain!   

What is mesotherapy?

It is a non-invasive medical procedure employing multiple injections
of a solution of substances, selected by a certified physician to treat various conditions (cellulitis, “pockets” of fat, aging and lax skin e.t.c.). The solutions usually contain vitamins, trace minerals, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants.

Mesotherapy can be applied all over the human body. We can easily choose treatments, not only for the face but for the rest of your body, in order to treat different conditions. The choice depends on the type of solution we select and the depth of the injections.     

Mesotherapy is an injectable treatment. This fact can be a great impediment for people who are afraid of needles, because needles prick and hurt.  It would be an ideal solution if we could apply the substances needed under the skin without the use of needles. We cannot simply apply the solution on the skin and wait for it to be absorbed, because it will never happen.  The skin is a natural barrier that protects our body from external damaging factors, and prevents the loss of internal vital elements. How will you penetrate the skin without a needle? Actually, there are some treatments like high frequency treatments, ultrasounds, iontophoresis or a combination of treatments, but the quantity of the solution penetrating the skin and the depth of penetration are extremely low in most of the cases. These treatments CANNOT be compared with injectable mesotherapy. In conclusion, non–injectable mesotherapy does exist but is GREATLY inferior to the injectable, the most commonly used type.

And what do we do about pain?

There is no need to grind your teeth or just be brave. Usually, an anesthetic cream (containing xylocaine, a common anesthetic used by dentists) is applied on the target areas at least half an hour before the treatment (45 minutes to 1 hour is better). The cream is covered with a clear membrane to prevent it from drying up or staining you clothes. The cream does not numb the area completely, but it certainly reduces the feeling of pain from the injections. Mesotherapy treatment involves pain (from the needle stings), but with the help of the cream this pain is bearable.

The skin is slightly irritated after the treatment. A rash appears in the injection spots, disappearing after a few hours. For example, if somebody undergoes mesotherapy in the afternoon, the next day he/she will be able to follow the daily routine, free of any irritations. Mesotherapy outclasses other treatments because it leaves no lasting skin irritation forcing you to stay home. For the same reason, mesotherapy can be applied all year long.  Other treatments like laser, peeling or dermabrasion cannot be applied during the summer months due to the bright sunshine.

Mesotherapy of the face is, maybe, the ideal method to hydrate and tone the skin giving your face a more youthful look.  The injected solution usually contains vitamins, trace minerals, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, which are already present, as substances, in our skin. By adding the extra quantity, our skin looks more fresh and radiant, starting the next day after treatment.  The results last for several weeks and the treatment can easily be repeated to maintain the beautiful outcome.

Mesotherapy body treatment treats cellulite successfully and can cut out centimeters from the contour of your thighs. The injected solution usually contains hyaluronic acid, caffeine, artichoke extract,

phosphatidylcholine and other substances.  For the first month, you will need one or two weekly sessioons. To maintain the results, you will need maintenance sessions in gradually growing intervals (e.g. one every two weeks), until monthly treatments are sufficient.  

Επιγραμματικά η μεσοθεραπεία:

In short, mesotherapy treatment:

  • Is a safe non-ablative method
  • Restores much needed substances to the skin (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, trace minerals).
  • Gives your skin an extremely fresh and radiant look.  
  • Is easily and quickly applied.  
  • Is suitable for all skin types and can be applied all year round.
  • Does not disrupt your everyday routine