S Lift (mini face and neck Lift)

The neck and the jawline can easily give away your age. It is actually one of the most fragile areas of your body that can show signs of ageing early in your life. Non-invasive methods hardly ever yield satisfactory and long-term results. Now, with the s-lift you can reclaim a youthful neck and jawline with minimal downtime.

The S lift is a “mini” lifting technique that can improve slight to moderate laxity of the jawline and neck. You will feel the rejuvenating effect almost immediately. The incisions are shorter (compared to a traditional face lift) and mostly hidden behind the ear. The risks related to face-lift surgery are also minimized as well.

It is meant for women and men who do not wish to undergo extensive surgery, but still wish to improve their appearance. It is an ideal procedure for those who will accept subtle but still considerable improvement with faster recovery. The procedure is considerably less invasive and less expensive.

Return to your everyday routine is almost immediate. The recovery period can be as short as 3 to five days. Some minor swelling and possibly bruising can be expected. The sutures are removed within 5 to 7 days. One can return to one’s work in 3 to 5 days. For more strenuous activities (exercising, sports, etc) one might consider to wait for at least two weeks before commencing them.

During your consultation with Dr. Vlachos you will have the opportunity to discuss what concerns you regarding the appearance of your neck and face and what your expectations are from this procedure. The doctor will take your medical history, examine your skin and tissues of your face and neck and discuss all options with you. All detail regarding the procedure will be explained to you and any questions you might have will be answered.