Needling – When technology is not always the only solution

In order for the skin to look revitalized, a youthful, healthy evenly toned, soft and hydrated epidermis is necessary.

A first step towards that goal would be to replace vitamin A and numerous other anti-oxidants (like vit C, vit E, carotens) that are constantly being destroyed when skin is exposed to sunlight.

Local application of creams does not suffice.

As an alternative to laser resurfacing and any other technique that is destructive for the epidermis, a method is needed that can preserve the epidermis on the one hand and promote collagen production in the dermis on the other hand.

A device that carries multiple needles is used to prick the skin in the area of interest. The needles (ranging from 1 to 3 mm) pierce the epidermis but do not remove/destroy it. Hence, the skin heals rapidly. Blood may ooze from the needle pricks and stops after approximately 30 seconds. The skin is wiped clean with saline soaked swabs and a special vitamin A&C containing cream is applied (like C-quence cram by Environ).

A locally applied numbing cream at least 30 minutes in advance will provide adequate anesthesia to make the treatment practically painless.

A single needle prick is a non-significant event for your skin. However, multiple needle pricks in close proximity to each other can give rise to a totally different effect.

Multiple needle pricks can cause a cascade of biological effects in your skin that leads to the production of new elastin and collagen fibers, as well as the production of new epidermis cells. All these combined offer an impressive end result. The skin remains irritated (red and swollen) for up to 3 days. After that time period its outlook changes: it becomes younger and healthier, looking better by the day. The result can last for a very long period of time.

One can repeat the treatment as many times they want and quite often (even once a week is feasible). Pathology reports have shown the creation of new elastin and collagen fibers, the thickening of the epidermis and the complete lack of any scar tissue despite the hundreds of needle pricks induced during the treatment. This proves that needling truly leads to tissue regeneration.

Post-treatment care is usually minimal (moisturizing creams and sun-screen need to be applied). Results become even better as one repeats treatments. Restrictions that apply to laser procedures are not necessary with needling (darker skin types can be treated). Furthermore, needling can even out skin color and can therefore improve skin discolorations that are on the face or any other part of the body.

A one off laser peeling can give a more dramatic result compared to needling, but the downtime is by far longer and the trouble one has to go through is many times more. If multiple needling treatments are performed, a similar result to laser peeling can be accomplished without the hustle.