The nose is the most prominent feature of our face. An “ugly” nose can stigmatize a person for his/her entire life. Plastic surgery can successfully alter the nose and rhinoplasty is a very popular procedure. Many times, the nasal septum is reconstructed as well in order to improve breathing.

Rhinoplasty is a procedure performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting and has a long downtime period with swelling, bruising, wearing a splint. This whole “after” period makes many people have second thoughts about the procedure and eventually never have it.

A barely invasive, office based procedure is performed as of late in order to lift the nose tip. It only takes 30’, with just a local anesthetic. This procedure is internationally known as Shuttle nose-lift and it was presented years ago by Dr. Tunc Tiryaki from Turkey

This procedure is used only in case the nose tip has a downward slant and there are no other problems requiring a typical rhinoplasty. The big advantage is that the Shuttle nose-lift is office based, the patient is not under general anesthesia and there is no swelling or bruising.

The surgeon begins by making two small incisions: One in the base of the nose under the eyebrows and the other in front of the nasal septum inside the nostrils. Through this second incision he separates the skin of the nose from its frame while a special needle passes the suture through the first incision directing it to the nose tip. Then he ties the suture internally in a knot and lifts.

Separating of the skin is done internally, so the suture can hold the nose safely in the new position, lifting it.

The nose is covered by surgical tape for three days. A couple of hours after the procedure the effect of the local anesthetic will wear off and you may experience slight pain. For a few days you should avoid heavy exercise.

The results are immediate, you experience no swelling or bruising and no splint is used.