Prominent ears can be corrected surgically with otoplasty which is a surgical operation. It can be done under local anaesthesia in the doctor’s office.

However, for young children (since it is sometimes difficult for them due to lack of co-operation to have the procedure performed under local) it is advisable to do the procedure in the hospital under general anaesthesia

The procedure involves an incision on the backside of the ear. From there, the cartilage of the ear is surgically manipulated which results in the final shape of the ear.

It takes about 30 minutes to do each ear. The ears are then dressed with gauze and an elastic badage is placed around the head at the level of the ears for a few days. Antibiotics are prescribed for a couple fo days and painkillers (usually paracetamol) can easily control any pain.

The ears are a bit swollen for the first days. The stitches are removed 8-10 days after the operation. The final shape of the ears can be seen 2-3 weeks later. One needs to be careful during the first month after the procedure not to injure the ears (contact sports etc) and a headband should be worn at night for the same period of time.