What is the easy way to a youthful skin? Sculptra is specially designed to help your body” fill” lines, wrinkles and creases that develop as we age.

The polylactic acid in Sculptra stimulates your skin to produce natural collagen which, in turn, fills the wrinkles and smoothes your skin.

What is polylactic acid?

Our body produces lactic acid naturally.  Polylactic acid is a man- made substance consisting of many lactic acid molecules chemically bonded together. The French Research Institute first produced polylactic acid in 1954 and is being widely used in medical applications for the last 20 years.  

Is it safe?

The laws and guidelines of the European Union controling and monitoring all medical preparations are very strict. Sculptra is under constant inspection in order to fulfill safety and efficacy regulations.

How does it work?

A trained surgeon injects Sculptra in the wrinkle through a thin needle.  Sculptra stimulates natural collagen production which, in turn, filles the gap and smoothes the skin.

Where can it be applied?

In theory, Sculptra can be applied in wrinkles or depressions found all over your body. Practically, Sculptra gives the best results in the face, especially in the naso-labial folds. It restores volume in the areas that “deflate” with aging.

How long do the results last?

Sculptra stimulates our skin tissues to produce our own natural collagen, therefore the results last much longer compared to any other injectable preparation. In most individuals, the results last one to one and a half years.

Are there any side effects?

Sculptra consists of a substance naturally existing in our body. It is not produced from animal tissue which makes it practically impossible to cause allergies. A slight rash and small bruising usually appear after the treatment and they always wear off in a few hours. The reaction is connected to the needle pricks, not the substance injected.

How painfull is it?

The correct application of the product requires many injections. An anesthetic cream is applied in order to avoid any possible discomfort.

How long does the treatment last?

Five minutes are usually enough for the actual application of the product. The anesthetic cream, on the other hand, needs to be applied at least half an hour before the treatment.

How many treatments are necessary?

You will need three monthly treatments to achieve the desired results.

When can I see the results?

Immediately after the treatment, you can only have a rough idea of the final results due to post-treatment swelling. The next day, your face returns to its original (pre-treatment) state. The full effect will appear gradually, but the first noticeable difference appears in 3-4 weeks, a short while before the second treatment.