Nevi, commonly known as moles are, according to their texture, skin problems with different causes developing in different ways. 

Some nevi are called melanocytic and are associated with a migration disorder of melanocytes, while in other nevi forms melanocytes are not involved. Nevi should be clinically evaluated and, if there is any suspicion, should be removed with the common removal method and sent for a diagnostic biopsy. Future problems can be avoided and lives saved with the removal of these nevi. If not removed, some could develop in melanoma.

Public awareness for the need of clinical diagnosis by a plastic surgeon is of great importance. In order to solve any functional (itching, mechanical abrasion, possible expansion etc.) or aesthetic problems, non melanocytic nevi especially in the face, can easily be removed using laser techniques with the application of a local anesthetic. The removal should be preceded by a clinical diagnosis determining if laser removal is sufficient or excision and a diagnostic biopsy are necessary.