Skin growths, malignant or not, form a big chapter of plastic surgery.

They are by far the most common growths appearing in humans. Their causes and appearance vary considerably, but the suitable treatment is almost always their removal and the diagnostic biopsy of the removed tissue.

Increased solar radiation due to climate change has increased the rate of appearance of malignant skin tumors. Scientific societies have campaigned vigorously against prolonged sun exposure, the most common cause of skin cancer.

Melanoma, squamous and basal cell carcinomas are the most frequently appearing forms of skin cancer. Early detection and treatment form the cornerstone of surgical oncology and can save lives. A change in a skin lesion (hemorrhage, colour change, itching, expansion of the affected area) should alarm everyone and lead him to a plastic surgeon immediately. These early symptoms can save a life by leading to an early treatment that can stop cancer growth.